"Firkin full of beer, or Firkin' hell, or just Firkin the moist Celtic lull of elemental power and rapture."

"When Firkin blasts into the strings, the spark of Celtic party cracks. The audience leaves the ground again and again. 100 times, 1000 times. Sounds good? It will!! Fire!"

FIRKIN - crazy energy

Firks in 2013


Since their foundation by the crazy flutist PJ in 2008, Firkin has played more than 400 concerts in 11 countries – Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and in their home country Hungary.

Within 6 years Firkin has become one of the best live bands and headliners of major festivals and prestigious venues.

Their 1st album entitled Firkinful Of Beer (May, 2009) has become Golden Album within a year and the title song Firkinful Of Beer got selected to a compilation album of the world's best folk bands. (Almost St. Patrick’s Day, Reedo Records, 2009, Germany). 

At the same time Firkinful Of Beer got nominated for the Hungarian Grammy Award, Fonogram 2010, which was followed by two further nominations: Hungarian Grammy 2013 for the 3rd album Igyunk Pálinkát, Hungarian Grammy 2014 for the 4th album Keep On Firkin.

Lord Of The Dance – the most smashing song of Firkin's 2nd album entitled Whup! (November, 2010) – ruled the Celtic Radio Charts for 4 consecutive months in Canada and for 3 months in Germany.

In 2011, Firkin broke the borders with a 5-stage tour in Canada. At the same time the band got invited to several prestigious festivals all around Europe, usually as headliners.  

In 2012, Firkin also recorded their 1st live DVD entitled Keep On Firkin. Thus, Firkin will have more chance to give their ever growing energy to the audience. 

In 2013, Firkin set up a unique acoustic concert and also a semi-theatrical show with illustrious guest musicians that resulted full-house concerts. 

In February, 2014 Firkin released their 5th LP album entitled Finger in the Pie. It indisputably foreshadows success as well as the praising English and German reviews that have been made by acknowledged bloggers, magazines and critics.

Those who was curious about Firkin’s energetic live act experienced the best Firkin sound ever in Wacken W:O:A 2014, Germany, and in Sziget 2014, Hungary.

In 2014, Firkinizing Tour runs with Extratours Konzertbüro, 3D Management, Soulfood Music Distribution and Rosenheim Rocks Promotion. 


'Firkin should not be seen, Firkin must be experienced! Firkin is good, firkin' good!'


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BARNA /Barna Marthy/ - Lead Vocals

Having reached the age of 18, Barna Marthy hit the road to the city of Debrecen, namely the English-American Institute of the University of Debrecen, where he graduated as a teacher of English Language and Literature, Theatre Specialization and Literary Translation specialization. At the university he acted, directed and also has a hand in literary translation. He is interested in many walks of self expression, be them short stories, songs in English and Hungarian, singing, playing the guitar. He has always had a soft spot for Irish culture.
Besides singing and playing in Firkin, he also works as an editor of the Digital Media Department at TV2 .
Firkin - Barna



BAZSI /Balazs Karpati/ - Electric Guitar

Firkin Bazsi


ESE /Robert Juhasz/ - Drums, Vocals


Firkin - Ese


LILI /Lili Virag/ - Violin

Firkin - LiLi


PJ /Janos Peter/ - Flute, Whistle, Redpipes

Is best known for his work in such Celtic bands as M.É.Z. and SHANNON.HU, music projects as PJC (folk-house) and Green Garden Groove (traditionally-structured songs in addition to ambient and dance). He has also appeared as a flautist and whistler in film scores and theatre productions & in concerts and albums as guest musician (Zoran , Crystal, Tamas Szabo, Peter Gerendas, Mondala , Age of Nemesis). His Celtic world music and world dance show „From Dawn to Dawn“, performed by and Shannon World Dance Company, received positive publicity.

Firkin - PJ 


SHUTI /Peter Szuna/ - Bass


Firkin - Peti

Guest musicians


CSONGI /Csongor Turani/ - Violin, Banjo 

JAMIE /Jamie Winchester/ - Vocal, Guitar

JUTKA /Judit Bonyár/ - Vocal

NÓRI /Nora Feher/ - Vocal 

PALI /Pal Göttinger/ - Vocal, Acoustic guitar

SZALONNA /Istvan Pal/ - Violin




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